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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 21, 2017 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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of paris late this afternoon when one police vehicle after another raced to the champs chas elysees. the big story is the execution style killing of a police officer in paris and the islamic state took responsibility. the first reports started coming in 4:30 our time, dinner time in paris. someone opened fire on a police van stopped at a traffic light. one officer was killed, three others wounded. even as the gunman retreated, police shot and killed him.
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police searched the family home of a man convicted previously of attacking a police officer. this is cellphone video taken from across the boulevard. you can see police having shot the gunman. this comes after recent attacks against soldiers, one at the liewf in february and the airport last month. french voters go to the polls in three days to elect a new president. >> we urge you to stay with "6abc" for more on "nightline" and oanlt developments at 40:00 in the morning. >> a bicyclist suffered critical injuries with this car accident.
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no word yet on who was at fault or if charges are warranted. >> this was the scene tuesday when philadelphia police carried a woman to their cruiser to rush her to the hospital. they had accidentally run her over chasing a suspect. we can identify her at 25-year-old michelle cull. family and friends say she has a number of broken bones and they are asking how the officer hit her. police sources say at the time
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officers were in the area responding to a foot pursuit. whether the officer saw her is under investigation. >> i thought she was struck on the street. >> denise is trying to figure out how her niece's mother was hit. >> the doctor said it took 15 minutes to get her back. there is a large, large laceration on her face and they had to reattach her ear. >> she has a long road of recovery ahead of her. that's if she's considered out of the woods. she's not off life support. >> the officer put the car in reverse and backed into kolk. sourcessay it didn't have a rear
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view camera. family and friends say kolk was an innocent by stand ir. >> i would like an answer. why did this happen? michelle's tough. i believe she's going to make it, but she's in for a long road and a lot of surgeries. >> like you heard, kolk has a number of surgeries ahead of her. the officer has been placed on non-driving status and internal affairs is investigating. christie ileto channel6 wphl-17. jim? >> thank you, christie. we have storms moving through the area. i think that's right. we can hear rumbles throughout the night. cecily tynan is at the big boosheboardwith the latest fromk accuweather. >> this is the a cold front
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north and west. just south of philadelphia, cooler air, there is heavy rain, elmer, glassboro all in the path of this. i have unsettled weather form and an update on the rain for the weekend. >> new castle county police say the man they chased and killed yesterday was wanted for murder earlier this month. keith price of wilmington refused to surrender when an officer spotted him. that spurred the high - speed chase. price ran into a church parking
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lot andrew his gun. officers opened fire killing price. they were placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. >> the murder trial under way today of david creato in the death of his son brendan. the prosecutor disputed creato's sorry of the little boy walking half a mile away in the dark. >> he said a spirit told him to walk down there. it's completely not logical. >> prosecutors refuted the idea that brendan walked there on his own with evidence that his socks were clean and he was afraid of
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the dark. they argued david creato dumped body there. he was worried his 17-year-old girl friend would leave him because she didn't like children, they say. >> the jury will determine the sentencing of eric frein. dickson's widow described her lonely life without her husband and told the court her two young sons are struggling. the prosecution is seeking the death penalty for eric frein. >> the alleged straw hat band it is behind bars charged with committing 11 bank robberies in bucks and montgomery county. live is dann cuellar. the fbi says they finally got their guy. >> that's right, jim. they had been looking for this guy a long time.
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a crafty individual the feds say engaged in money laundering to cash the loot. >> he was called the straw band it because of his get up during the heist. behind the get up is a man with dull and tired eyes of accused bank robber richard boyle. >> the grand jury indicted richard boyle with 11 counts of bank robbery and 10 counts of using firearms. >> he committed 11 robberies in bucks and montgomery counties, garnering $11,000 and making good use of the proceeds living in boils town where the
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neighbors were stunned. >> his family didn't answer the door of the home. >> he was a an eagles fan. he seemed like a social guy. you wouldn't think that. >> maybe because the feds say he was good at the art of diversion. >> he was laundering the money through a photography business he brought up. >> for the feds, it brought satisfaction to stamp captured in the serial bank robberies they have been investigating over the years. >> this is a message to all, we don't give up. this is a four plus year investigation. >> turns out boil just got out of prison for bank robberies. they say he went back to what he
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does best. if convicted h he faces 200 yeas behind bars. >> thank you, dan. a 39-year-old soccer coach fathered a child with one of his players, a 15-year-old girl. the victim says francisc francio prado-contreras paid her to have sex with him. by october, she was pregnant. the baby is now seven months old. police learned of the allegations tuesday and arrested him yesterday. two organizations are betting big on atlantic city. has nothing to do with gambling. governor chris christie and two others were on hand as the satellite campus broke ground. it will be home to classrooms
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and student dorms that over look the beach and board work. another use will be south jersey gas. they plan to open the campus next year. >> philadelphia kenzington neighborhood can spark a similar revival. tonight they unveil the parish house. the 105-year-old rectory was converted into townhomes. they are celebrating with a party in the style of roaring '20s. >> presiden during the joint nes conference trump was asked about renewed efforts to get a healthcare bill to replace obama
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care. he says he wants to appeal to hard liners on the right and republican moderates. he would like to get a vote next week. >> in foreign affairs, trump accused iran of failing to live up to the spirit of the nuclear deal, a deal trump said he hates and never should have been signed in the first place. >> cuba gooding junior's father dies unexpectedly. >> plus on the run for weeks, a tennessee teacher in custody. a teenager is safe. we'll show you where police found them. >> the new danger of drinking soda. it's not just your waste line explanding, it's your brain shrinking. cecily? >> i have an update on the chances of weekend rain.
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>> the eagles released their schedule, will be looking for w's and l's. jamie apody will lead us through that exercise. that and more when "action news" continues in just a minute. ♪
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>> a tennessee teacher accused of abducting his 15-year-old student is under arrest and the girl will soon be home with her family. the two were discovered in a cabin in california after a month on the run. last night police received a tip call from a man that spotted tad cummin's vehicle. they moved in when daylight broke. the 15-year-old will be returned to her family tomorrow. >> she's apparently healthy and
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unharmed. our concern is how she is emotional. ly. >> bill o'reilly could walk away with $25 million. it's the latest word of a payout from the company as a result of sexual harassmen harassment har. fox and o'reilly paid his accusers. if you are doing the math, it's nearly $80 million. >> cuba gooding sr. was found dead today in a car in california. best known for the hit, "everybody plays the fool," he was the father of cuba gooding jr. police say there was no sign of foul play. he was 72, a week shy of his
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73rd birthday. there is a danger to drinking a daily diet soda. researchers found that those that drink one or more of a daily beverage have three times higher risk of stroke. drinking fruit juice, two studies found a higher risk of stroke, and aging. the patients had poor performance on memory tests. new jersey's unemployment rate has fallen to 4.2%, .3 below the national average. new jersey has the most residents working in the history of the state. >> meanwhile there is some of the new jerseyans in search of a job. these are they. wildwood put out the call for
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help with the unofficial start to summer a month away. the job fair was hosted this evening. there were more than seasonal jobs. positions are open in hospitality, amusements and more. more than seasonal jobs available in the state of new jersey. what about the accuweather forecast? >> unsettled. scattered showers and thunderstorms. not everyone is getting them, but double scan showing the most intense batch is south of philadelphia. down to one lightning strike the past 15 minutes. heavy downpours moving across wilmington, salem nn new jerseyd downpours across the lehigh valley heading toward allentown. we have more activity through
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the day tomorrow. behind the front, cooler air. ahead of it, mild. philadelphia 58 right now. reading 64. allentown, 61. cape may 65 and beach haven currently 52. the cold front i'm tracking is way up north and west. it's right there moving across ohio. that moves through during the day tomorrow. ahead of it, scattered showers and thunderstorms. future tracker showing 6:30 tomorrow morning to start the morning commute, lots of clouds and rain. i-95 and areas to the north. then we get a break in the action midday. for the evening commute, again, rounds of scattered showers and thunderstorms, some with heavy downpours and behind the system, we cool off saturday. temperaturewise, tomorrow is mild. dover, millville likely in the
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low 80s. philadelphia 78-degrees. areas to the north, the cooler air is sticking around, allentown and trenton, likely temperatures in the upper 60s. saturday, we cool off, 66 compared to tomorrow. that's the normal high this time of year. we cloud up quickly. showers developing late in the day ahead of the low pressure. future tracker timing it out, looks like saturday evening is the wettest this weekend. light north of philadelphia and steadier to the south. there was a big trend shifting the low to the south. look at this. if this trend holds, sunday morning, we are dealing with clouds with a steady rain to the south and by the afternoon, the return of sunshine. as long as the trend is sticking to the south remains, saturday night will be wet and sunday looking good. the exclusive forecast, warm
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with scattered showers and thunderstorms, 78 dropping to 66 on saturday, cloud up with evening showers. sunday, allowing for early showers and breaks of sunshine by the afternoon 60. monday, 66. tuesday, 63. wednesday, 75 with sunshine and thursday, as we begin the nfl draft, it's looking fantastic, partly sunny, 77. the morning commute could be slow. tune into "action news" at 7:30. >> it's amazing how they arrange that. whew hundreds of local students received a thank you at lincoln financial field tonight for taking part in the fundraiser to benefit the ronald mcdonald house. the students raised more than $100,000 in a month's time. snoop was on hand to congratulate the young readers. >> ame academy honored senator
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bob casey for his commitment to education. last fall he sponsored legislation to
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>> are you ready? >> i'm ready. are you ready? >> we have an eagle schedule to talk. >> calling out the wins and loss? >> afterwards. three west coast games, a prime time game, christmas game and a partridge in a pear tree. eagles open with two on the road sunday september 10th in washington. monday night home with the skins. the late week ten by that's a plus. then in dallas one of five prime time. another in seattle.
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that allows them to stay in l.a. on the 10th. finishing up new year's day, home with dallas. i like the late buy. one week away, the city of philadelphia on the clock. joe douglas the player of personnel hired to work in conjunction with howy roseman. he's changed his philosophy. >> part of bringing him in here is part of what we have done, trying to get better. we hired him using a different grading scale. >> there is a pre-re prerequisif talent for every position. we are trying to find what you can't measure, mind, spirit, soul, the will to win. >> we have the will to bring you
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the best draft coverage. draft preview special live from the parkway this coming wednesday night 7:30 p.m. on
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>> last week the phillies gave up 23 runs, 10 to the mets. this week they win the series. an rbi double breaks the 0 for
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22 slump for franco. the shot hits the m&m in the field. a diving grab to close out the game. phils take the series 3-3. >> brunson announced he will return to the main line for his junior season. he averaged 15 points in four sets a game for villanova. >> late in the fourth, james put the calves up four. he had 41 points tonight. calves take a 25 point halftime deficit to win by five. they have the largest deficit overcome in playoff history.
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what do you see? >> 8-8. >> i have had them 8-8 every year since 1976, so it means nothing. that's what i got. >> you knew that was going to be it. >> finally tonight a unique fundraiser in cherry hills to fund scholarships for people with special needs. athletes and even television news people were up for auction in cherry hill. nydia han donat created this ma. >> "jimmy kimmel live" is next. his guest magic johnson, and music from dua lipa. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight.
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